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PART ONE <<<<<<

so for johnny's site lets just interview each other we will do it by email. i'll start…
megan we're friends i think ive told you that generally speaking over the years my very best  
friends happen to be blondes. do you find the converse is true for you? something nice about 
dark hair and and light hair girls trading secrets. purity found in the formalism of opposites

so heres question one. im flipping through that magazine you dropped off the other day. 
(list published in 2000) going through all these lists, quantified information. noting how some 
things glaring dated - others less so - finally got a sense of the decade. the passing of time - kind 
of hit me like a pile of bricks. i dont know really what the point of us profiling one another is 
other than for the future this back in forth can serve as a primary source.  the jackpot of research 
material. perhaps in the year 2090 when schoolboys and girls have to write a paper on city life 
in New York at the  turn of the century - this exchange will serve some purpose. (yeah right :)

so for those kids a hundred years down the line. what is a typical day like for you as of late. 
where and what do you eat 
what do you listen to 
what do you read 
and when you leave your house what streets do you typically traverse. 

i suppose we should just ask one another  questions  - if anythings excessively boring or 
indulgent we can cut out. email me back asap XP
oh and compare this with an average day for you circa 1999/2000

yeah now that you point it out that rule holds true for me as well, most of my closest and 
best friends over the years, and now, have been girls with dark hair. weird 

so we are going back and forth with questions...i was thinking about that thought, what 
was my day ten years ago compared to now. and strangely i think my days never change that 
much.  it is actually the eternal return, i wonder if that is scary or comforting, or just how it 
is supposed to happen for certain people.

typical day now...eating as little as possible, food makes me lazy if i consume too much, 
unless a friend takes me to lunch or dinner, i usually now eat at home....been making a 
lot of cauliflower dishes. or i just go to cafe orlin

im reading the Gay Science by Nietzsche, and a Carson McCullers book 
been listening to The Stranglers, The creatures, and Anno Birkin 

generally i walk on my street, st. marks, or down 2nd avenue, i find myself on fourth avenue  
a lot, which is strange because fourth avenue has no inherent feeling. 

remember that night we were at johnny's and he was putting on a impromptu recital for us? 
we were talking about show and tell, and music.  was thinking if we actually organized that 
party what music you would want to haveplayed on the piano, 
what would you bring for show and tell, 
what would you wear, 
what food would be served, 
what day of the week, 
what time? 

Subjects That Consistently Come Up in Conversation with My Peers
NIGHTLIFE - social calendars, whats on the agenda for the evening, swapping notes, 
forwarded emails/sms/bbm
INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS  - in new york city. or lack there of. that classic conversation 
about peoples lack of willingness to commit to anything in this town fear of vulnerability 
etcetc that weve all gotten into lord knows how many times
PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATIONS - i think secretly 99 percent of people  that i know think that 
massive success and fame - adulation and pervasive respect are within the realm of possibility. 
of course no one explicitly says this instead  we talk about being underpaid under served - 
the moral boundaries of networking  - "real people"  - breakthroughs. trying to anticipate 
society's needs and desires in the near immediate future so that the shape of our work can 
envelope these wants. signing sealing delivering
LIFESTYLE - when talk of work becomes tedious and overwhelming invariably children 
country life settling down moving away find their  way into conversation
VANITY - to a degree is healthy it shows that you havent resigned yourself entirely. we talk 
about new ways to eat and new ways to move our bodies. discipline and restraint.
TIME- the legacy of ny is change whether necessitated or not,  welcome or not. trying to come 
to terms with the passing of time, the aging process. memories of youth. the relativity 
of youth. topography of past.

that list is amazing, it's weird when the truth make you a bit weepy.

i suppose it would be on a [wed evening] early summer month when the season is 
still ripe with possibility
[to be played on piano]
erik satie gnossiene noš 1, 3, 5, 7 and gymnopedie 1,2, 3 - predictable i know. 
talking about the passing of time the first guy i ever 'loved' (the first and possibly the last haha) 
played some piano and he'd play these satie compositions often. he was quite able as a child 
but he put the piano aside for years. when i knew him he was rediscovering the keys. was 
rusty but he had such great feeling - precision vs intuition. his parents had a country house in 
normandy and in the barn-come-bar there was a piano.

id find him playing there  very late at night - seemed as though he was working something out. i was 18 and he was 25 and i thought the world of him. very intelligent but not intellectual - charming  - the life of the party but when needed would retreat to a solitary place to replenish this/his quiet  confidence that i found attractive beyond measure
he was the standard bearer for years -  this perfect amalgam of masculinity and sensitivity.

also for old times sake  - piano rendition of sir mix alots 'baby got  back' i think i told you guys 
this but i studied the piano a bit as well as a kid. billboard every year (they prob still do) would 
publish a piano songbook of top 40 hits. big butts was a top forty sensation so  i bought the 
songbook and took it to my piano instructor and asked  that we work on that song that week. 
so cheeky.

bowls of rice with salmon roe and sea urchin and arctic char sashimi
i'd [wear] simple brown or navy blue silk blouse a ysl black pencil skirt cartier panther ring + vintage rolex oyster perpetual  black suede alaia criss cross lace up heels

to complement our food we would drink  the finest alsatian or german white  - not bone dry!  apertif - tasters choice pastis or compari // after dinner - tasters choice calvados or grappa

SHOW AND TELL - my mothers friends' old super 8 films of swinging tehran in the seventies! 
pictures of me as a teenager wearing jeans  a- ha!

i love the guy you loved, that sounds so charming and perfect.  i suppose people don't 
really exist like that in new york. probably we should stop looking.
i love your night, it sounds so glamourous and civilized, i will definitely be there smiling
hmmmm, i suppose i would want a super hot guy to be playing rachmaninoff, or debussy. 
definitely during winter, in the middle of a blizzard food, lots of small salads, mandatory 
avocados, pumpkin seeds, bulgarian feta drink, obviously very cold very good Tequila in 
small crystal glasses,
i would wear the perfect 80's thierry mugler dress which i have not  found yet, with 
antique diamond drop earrings, which i cannot afford yet, vintage charles jourdan pumps, 
and my masonic necklace, dark red nail-polish, black stockings
show, perhaps my small collection of birdsnests,  my Kate Simon photo of Nico from 
the 70's, or my Deborah Turbeville photo from a bathhouse,

okay next character that best describes how you see yourself, or would 
want to emulate if you could

The Little Prince

Dagny Taggart

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I’ll tell you why later

JOHNNY: in love with this!
am i allowed to jump in and demand to know which epic buildings in new york 
you would plunge to your death from??

off the Villa Charlotte Bronte building in Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, which is right above 
the hudson river 

this guy clued me into this crazy video of very young louis
armstrong in leopard print on stage overflowing with bubbles.  bizarre
and compelling vision of armstrong - check it out -

so plunging to death huh -  really its more a question of architecture and mortality. 
i wouldnt jump off building -  too sudden and messy.  but i like the idea of landmarks. 
id want a nice view and building with good vibrations. the rooftop of the met has an 
unobstructed view of both concrete structures and greenery (central park) - not the  
most awesome view but the most gentle and elegant. id need a comfortable
reclining chair and it would probably be a potassium cyanide or morphine situation. 
watch day turn to dusk turn to death - monumental  suicide   - ole



Johnny Misheff